Boost your weight loss chances with marijuana

Weight loss is one of the most important goals in the life of obese people. The reason for this is that most of the obese people are psychologically disturbed because of their excess weight. They want to reduce their weight, but are not able to know the right method of doing so. Obesity can also lead to depression, social self isolation. It can also cause various other diseases too, it obesity is not controlled. Common diseases that can occur as co morbid conditions in obese people are diabetes, increase in blood pressure, heart attacks and even stroke.

Weight loss is possible with the regular and monitored dose of marijuana. This is a unique dug because if it is a treatment option in various other diseases that are chronic. Arthritis, bipolar disorder and even cancer can be treated with marijuana. It also helps in boosting the mood of the affected people. So, such a unique drug is able to help in the reduction of the weight too.

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    Reduces appetite: There are certain strains of marijuana that are very useful in reducing the appetite of the obese person. This will help in ensuring that the person does not eat too much. When the appetite is reduced, there will be a sense of satisfaction even after eating less amount of food. This happens because the marijuana helps in sticking on to the appetite center of the brain. This provides a sense of satisfaction to the person even after consuming very little food. This reduced calorie intake is the most important method in which weight loss is achieved by obese people.

  2. Boosts mood of person: Most of the people who are obese will be depressed and dejected. They will also have a sense of helplessness at their weight. This can be overcome with a small dose of marijuana that is consumed every day. When the marijuana is consumed, it will help in boosting the mood of the of the best kind is og kush marijuana.
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    Reduces obesity causing hormones: Hormones are the ones that play a major role in the obesity of a person. It is important to ensure that obesity is controlled and to do this, the hormones that cause obesity need to be controlled. Insulin levels are maintained and blood glucose levels are also maintained by marijuana. This medicine also elevates the mood and provides a high to patients. This helps in reducing the craving for sugar and other foods rich in calories that provide a similar high to patients.

These are the top methods in which marijuana is able to reduce the weight of a person who is obese.

Lung tumors can effectively be countered by medical marijuana

Cancer (read more here)is one of the deadliest diseases to have afflicted humans. Of all the tumors, lung tumor is dreaded by all because of the ability of these cells to move from one part of the body to another causing cancerous growth in the new organs too. Those who are affected by cancer would give anything to counter this deadly disease. New research is proving that one such counter against this deadly disease may be available.

Research in animal models has shown that the cancer cells can be reduced by half within a few days of using medical marijuana to treat the disease. Marijuana has a lot of different compounds in it and one of the most common compounds that are used in treatment of pain relief is THC. This is the compound that also helps in getting rid of cancer cells.

How does medical marijuana counter lung cancer cells?

  1. KC weed effectAnti inflammatory property: It is common knowledge that inflammation can lead to increased risk of cancer spreading and growing faster. The role of anti inflammatory drugs that are used by cancer patients is to prevent growth of cancer cells. Medical marijuana, which has anti inflammatory properties, can not only prevent growth of lung cancer cells but it can also help in reducing the cancer to half its size. This is a miracle that could pave way for newer treatments in overcoming cancer, especially lung cancer.
  2. marijuana weed seedsReduces blood supply to cancer cells: The other method in which the medical marijuana gets rid of lung tumor is by reducing the blood supply to the cancer cells. When there is reduced blood supply, the cancer cannot grow rapidly. In fact, it may even start dying because of lack of nutrients. Blood supply to various organs helps in providing nutrients to all these organs. Cancer cells, if present, can thrive with the nutrients meant for these organs. Normally, the usual drugs used to treat cancers can kill the cancer cells and will also kill the normal cells. This is why cancer patients become very sick with each chemotherapy treatment. The medical marijuana, on the other hand, is able to selectively cut off blood supply and nutrients to the cancer cells. This effectively kills the cancer cells, while preventing death of the normal cells.

The use of medical marijuana to get rid of lung cancer cells and also other types of cancer is a revolutionary treatment and when it is proved to be effective in humans, it could pave the way for availability of a very effective cancer drug.

How To Consume Medical Marijuana Rightly?

Medical marijuana is a wonder herb which has the ability to treat almost some of the most fatal health conditions such as Cancer, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, HIV, and more. The plant is effective and can be used by patients to alleviate the symptoms of serious conditions where even traditional methods have failed. The therapeutic properties of the Cannabis plant cannot be however replicated using other man-made synthetic chemicals and this is one reason why Marijuana needs to be made a legal medication. And, it gets all the more important for the patients to learn about using the medicinal plant rightly for its optimal use.

How To Consume Medical Marijuana For Optimal And Healthiest Effects?

Once you have the recommendation letter from your doctor, you can purchase medical marijuana and use it for your treatment. Apart from smoking the marijuana, there are also other ways of consuming the herb for its optimal effect on the health and the medical conditions. So, here are a few of the simple ways to consume Marijuana for enjoying its medicinal properties.


This is the most basic form of consuming medical marijuana. It has an immediate effect on your body, but only if you take the dosage appropriately. But, it also has an adverse effect on your lungs. Marijuana has toxins which are effective on your health, but only when you reduce the effect on your lungs. So, follow these tips.

  • – Use a more effective Cannabis for higher effect with less inhalation.
  • – Use a pipe to smoke for an appropriate dosage
  • – Use a filter paper
  • – Don’t inhale deep.


Choose a medical marijuana vaporizer to consume the marijuana. The vaporiser heats up the cannabis at a lower temperature with a digital accuracy that releases the active chemicals in the form of vapor which are then inhaled directly by the patient for their medical use.

Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles are great to relieve pain, treat spasticity, sleeping disorders, nausea, etc. However, the effect of consuming marijuana edibles is slower but with a lasting effect. You get the kick slowly but which lasts for a longer time. These edibles are made from cannabis extracts and oils and hence are more effective to the diseases.

Tonics and Tinctures

Marijuana Tea bubblelicious

Marijuana Tea bubblelicious

A large number of pharmaceuticals make Cannabis tonics and tinctures that can be added into your food or applied to the skin for their effect. They are more effectual for conditions such as nausea.

Marijuana Topicals

Marijuana balms, sprays, lotions, cannabis oils, ointments, etc. are some of the commonly available marijuana topicals. These can be used to treat arthritis, eczema, burns, sunburns, joint pains, swellings, etc.

Marijuana Tea

Making tea from Cannabis leaved, buds and stems is a great way to consume medical marijuana and not suffer from its extreme effects.